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Men in skirts is a delicate topic in the western world. I’m not talking about cross dressing here either, which seems to be more acceptable in a social context, for a variety of reasons. I’m talking about men ala Marc Jacobs.

Men in many other cultures wear skirts. Does this make them girly? On the contrary, at times it indicates power and authority. Do they look funny on men? I don’t think so. I saw a man in North Melbourne recently, walking his bulldog while rocking a blood red wrap skirt which covered his knees. It looked awesome. I even smiled at him, receiving a happy nod in return.

The Satorialist posted this article in March, asking if we (as a western society) were ready to discuss skirt lengths for men. A lot of comments left were in the negative. Must confess myself disappointed. If you don’t particularly feel comfortable with the idea, allow others to discuss it if they wish. I don’t see what’s so offensive in the first place.

Women felt a new sense of power and freedom when it became accepted for them to wear pants. I think it’s about time the same happened for men and skirts. It’s not every man’s bag but I certainly hope to see more of them in future. After all, it’s not fair for us to keep the comfort of a good skirt to ourselves, right?

You have to admit, this guy’s got style:

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The only problem I have with men in skirts is they rock it harder than I do, giggle.

I’m with you on the men-in-skirts movement. Also, men in makeup. No, men do not have to be gay to do either of these. If it’s not hurting anyone, then the haters should just STFU.

I would wear a skirt if it looked good. I don’t think I have the hips for it though.

Personally, it’s not for me. I prefer my legs to be covered (not even into wearing shorts). I wouldn’t be offended if other guys started doing it though, but it would take a little getting used to…


Everything old is new again … Jean Paul Gaultier tried it in the 80s when he was the ‘enfant terrible’ of fashion and I think McQueen did a leather kilt early 90s (but could be horribly wrong about that). Don’t mind the aesthetic and traditional Islander men in places like Tonga and Samoa wear a form of skirt with pride. But before it becomes mainstream, men would *have* to alter the way they sit.


I’m all for it – used to go out with guys wearing skirts and makeup – but that was the ’80s and I was a punk/goth myself so we kind of all looked similar in that way with the clothes and the hair and the eyeliner and the piercings.
I’ve seen that very same guy with the dog and the red skirt (it looked a bit like a fashionable kilt to me) in Nth Melb – it’s a good look :)

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