Owl Posse in the press!

Recently I was contacted by Etsy, asking if I would support them featuring one of my jewellery designs in their Shop Til You Drop Summer Shopping Guide. The piece was the Oh My Gear ring. I was so humbled that they wanted to show my work in a print insert, I didn’t actually believe it until I received the press in my hands (thanks for sending, Jess!). How exciting!



If you’d like a copy, you can buy this month’s Shop Til You Drop magazine in Australia with the print insert in it. You can see the online shopping guide here, and for a limited time you can purchase any of my rings for 10% off using the coupon code ‘STYD’. The same goes for any of the other things in the guide, all 10% off with the same coupon code, huzzah! Thanks again to Etsy, they are brillant people.

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Welcome! Owl Posse is an up and coming contemporary jewellery line. It features super cool digital manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing and laser cutting. You can shop the collection here!

Designed in Melbourne, Australia and Las Vegas, NV USA.

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