Manifest Sale now over

Just a quick note to say thank you to those who purchased items from the Manifest sale. The shop is now closed and will reopen with the completed Owl Posse collection soon. To be informed as soon as this happens, please subscribe for updates here.

Thanks again for the lovely responses from people xx

Semi Permanent Melbourne 2010

I was lucky enough to attend the Semi Permanent design conference this year, thanks to my generous boss. It spanned over Friday and Saturday of this week, packed full of talented artists speaking about their disciplines. I found so many of them very inspiring! The stand outs for me were Pixar (of course!) who spoke about workflows; United Visual Artists who spoke of the limitations and creative challenges of their medium; and Beastman, who took us on a journey of how he came to find his iconic style of drawing.

I think that Beastman was probably my favourite speaker. He wasn’t the most engaging, and he didn’t have the best structured talk, but he let people in on his processes and his past. He’s inspired me to do at least one sketch/illustration a day from now onwards, as I know that my drawing skills are a weak spot for me as a whole. I think filling in the knowledge holes is pretty important to me at the moment, as it allows me to explore.

This was the first time I’d attended this conference, and I’d be keen to catch it again next year.

Owl Posse Shop now open

At long last, the Owl Posse shop is now open and selling the leftover items from Manifest 2010! Get in quick because there is very limited stock. As mentioned on the shop, some items will not be repeated/included in the first Owl Posse Collection (coming soon).

Click ‘shop’ in the menu above, or simply click here to take a look!

Thank you

A big thank you to those who popped by to say hello to Joel, Mike, Amie and myself at the Melbourne Makers stall at Manifest on the weekend. We felt it was a great success, not to mention a very fun three days!

I have some leftover stock which I will be selling online. Stay tuned for a blog post very soon announcing my post Manifest sale :)

I have shared my photos on Flickr here. Enjoy!

Melbourne Makers stall

Manifest 2010

Some close friends and myself will have a presence at this year’s Manifest convention this weekend. We’re very excited! Manifest is a great event for Anime fans to convene and meet other fans. There is a traders area for groups and artists wishing to sell related gear. Some are independent comic book artists, others are crafty types. Looking forward to seeing the diversity! I’ve designed some fun anime inspired jewellery to sell at our stall.

Above: white cloud ring

Above: 'Kapow!' Beech wooden ring

Above: completed rings and brooches ready for packaging

Come and say hello if you’ll be attending, we’re at the Melbourne Makers stall. Hope to see you there!

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