Love thy neighbour

I am lucky enough to have some great non human friends in my new neighbourhood. In particular I am quite smitten with Laurish the cat, and Peking the goose. Laurish lives in the flat below me, and Peking is next door. They do keep me entertained and I can’t help but imagine what they get up to when no one’s around.

I will be starting a (very casual but cute) web comic so we can all follow their adventures.

They are very pleased to meet you!

Clothing Culture

Men in skirts is a delicate topic in the western world. I’m not talking about cross dressing here either, which seems to be more acceptable in a social context, for a variety of reasons. I’m talking about men ala Marc Jacobs.

Men in many other cultures wear skirts. Does this make them girly? On the contrary, at times it indicates power and authority. Do they look funny on men? I don’t think so. I saw a man in North Melbourne recently, walking his bulldog while rocking a blood red wrap skirt which covered his knees. It looked awesome. I even smiled at him, receiving a happy nod in return.

The Satorialist posted this article in March, asking if we (as a western society) were ready to discuss skirt lengths for men. A lot of comments left were in the negative. Must confess myself disappointed. If you don’t particularly feel comfortable with the idea, allow others to discuss it if they wish. I don’t see what’s so offensive in the first place.

Women felt a new sense of power and freedom when it became accepted for them to wear pants. I think it’s about time the same happened for men and skirts. It’s not every man’s bag but I certainly hope to see more of them in future. After all, it’s not fair for us to keep the comfort of a good skirt to ourselves, right?

You have to admit, this guy’s got style:

Photo Credit:


Moving house. Time consuming and exciting.

Back soon with more!

I think Happy cat wants to come live with me, just saying:

Colour Tests

(click for larger)

The green is much brighter than the photo, more of a mossy green sweater.

Home made hot chilli sauce

LS has an ‘urban vegie patch’ on his patio in the inner north, and takes a lot of pride in it. He’s harvested everything from kitchen herbs, to zebra tomatoes and strawberries. He ended up with a large jar full of chillis recently. While LS is not overly keen on spicy food, I was so excited as I got to make hot chilli sauce!

This is the recipe I followed:


1 cup long red chillis
1 white onion
1 large green apple
1 cup white vinegar
1 cup white sugar
1 teaspoon salt

Just chop up all ingredients (don’t be too perfect with it, chunky is fine). Put everything in a saucepan and boil covered for 20 minutes. Let it cool slightly and whiz in a blender. If you use a hand whiz instead, wear eye protection. Trust me, you don’t want this stuff flying into your eye!

I already plastered my breakfast with it this morning, and it’s a great consistency/taste.

Happy playing in the middle of my photographing session

For more photos of LS’ garden, check out the flickr set.

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