Sunny vintage

Spotted in an op shop on Smith Street:

It’s my new favourite dress! Rhinestone covered buttons, and yellow lace. Lovely. Excuse my posture, I’m still learning to stand straight after my operation.

Blue skies ahead

This funny little fella never fails to cheer me up, especially when I’ve been exceptionally down lately:

Melbourne Craft Groups

Melbourne has long been known for its culture and support of the artistic population that live in it. Which is the major reason why I love this town so much.

Meeting all of these creative people can be difficult at times, especially when we work in ‘silos’ at the best of times. Sometimes you just want to grab your knitting/sewing/painting/craft awesomeness and sit down with like minded people for a cup of tea, and a good group creative session.

There are some great groups just like this around Melbourne (including a small one I run) already going. Some are closed groups (full numbers etc) but some are still welcoming newcomers.

Here are just a few:


Brown Owls

Brown Owls is a group run by Pip Lincolne, which is at full capacity currently. Each meet-up has the craft folk working on a different project. One particular recent one was gocco printed handkerchiefs, awesome!


Thread Den Classes

Thread Den is a space for independent designers to sell their products, but it also houses sewing machines for hire. They run some really cool sewing classes, ranging from absolute beginner to expert. I particularly like the ones especially for men!


Craft Cartel

Craft Cartel are a tongue-in-cheek approach to craft groups. They cater for ‘crafty types who don’t dig rose-scented doilies’. What a cool tagline! Encouraging the use of recycled materials, they hold ‘Trash Bag’ sessions for those wishing to create some more contemporary, tea cosy free projects.


Kaotic Kraft Kuties

Run by Gemma Jones, the Kaotic Kraft Kuties have not had a meet-up for a while it seems. However it still seems to be an active community via other means. Hope to hear of more activity this year.


Meet Me at Mike’s craft alongs

One again Pip Lincolne does what she does best, which is bringing people together through a love of craft and patience. A Granny A Day project sees her teaching everyone how to create the modular squares needed to put together a crocheted ‘granny blanket’. We all had one as a kid, now it’s our turn!


Ink & Spindle Open Days

Keep an eye on Ink & Spindle’s blog for their open days advertised. They are an awesome screen printing studio in the old Kensington Young Husband Wool Store building. Ever wondered how it’s all done and what goes into the printing process? Mosey on down on one of their open days and see a print run demo for yourself!


Yay for social craft!

To Market, to market!

Another fantastic addition to the Melbourne market scene:

Who’s in? :D

Owl love

I was browsing through Brunswick Street Bookstore yesterday when I discovered a set of cards/prints entirely dedicated to owls. After squealing for way too long I composed myself once more and picked out four to frame and put on my wall (click for larger size):

From what I know the lovely lady who illustrates these lovely cards has just begun her business and is spotted around the Rose Street Artist Market stall scene at times.

For those who want to see the other awesome prints in the series, visit (hibou is French for owl *squee*)

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