One peaceful Sunday morning

I could have fallen back asleep on the cold floorboards

Soap Powder Boxes

Let it be said – I adore laundry powder packaging. I mean, it comes in a cardboard box which looks like it flies out of the window at night saving damsels in distress. It’s glossy and promising and usually features a ray of sunshine somewhere behind the carefully chosen brand name. Cold *POWER*, BOLD, DAZ, PREEN, BIOZET. You don’t exactly see exciting names like that for yoghurt, do you?

And what’s comforting is that walking down the dreaded cleaning product isle at your local supermarket never disappoints. They all glitter for your attention. I love that the old fashioned feel to the designs have lived on in our modern, minimalist loving present time. Opening a new packet is always so satisfying as I marvel with a grin at how exciting someone tried to make enzymes seem.

I think it’d be fun to design the boxes, with their shouty comic book-like words, impressive promises, and rainbow brightness. But maybe that’s just me :)

artBUT – a creative collective

Over the last year, I’ve met some amazingly creative people. They all have different and standout talents, and get along famously with each other. There are constantly talks of collaborations and “we should catch up for coffee”. While naturally some of these good intentions are acted upon, but not always.

Keeping this in mind, one of my friends Joel decided to hold a small get together in his art shed, strictly for people to come and create art together. It was a fantastic afternoon, and promptly inspired another friend of ours to do the same on a larger scale at her house. Again, a roaring success with even more people than last time.

The last two times have been my turn. The newly fitted out warehouse style office I work in seemed perfect, and my boss is extremely encouraging of being involved with active Melbourne communities. Win!

I held the second artBUT to happen at Lettuce HQ today and the variety of talent in the same room was incredible. We had everyone from a cardboard modeller, comic book artist and animator, programmers, a screen printer, sewing machines, laptops and a mosaics project.

A few snaps from the day (excuse the low quality/ bad lighting), click ‘read more’ underneath for more photos:

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Ron Mueck in Melbourne

The National Gallery of Victoria is currently showing an exhibition of Ron Mueck’s work.

For those who don’t know about Mueck, he is a Melbourne born  sculptor, now working in London. He creates amazingly detailed works of the human body, sometimes in larger than life scale. His figures can provoke an array of emotions from people, from awkwardness and embarrassment, to wonder and familiarity.

But many people are not aware that Mueck was a puppeteer and model maker for Labyrinth. He was also the voice of Ludo!

This piece here is called ‘Mask II’ and is a self portrait:

See the NGV website for more.

Magikarp used Splash

My friend Nic first saw this awesome hat on Deviant Art, and wanted to have one of his own. Being a Pokémon fan from way back, I couldn’t resist the project! With pipe cleaners inside the fins and tail, the hat can be posed in different ways.  It ended up looking utterly adorable on Nic. Here he is below:

It was made from orange fleece; yellow, white & pink felt, and pipecleaners. Little bit of stuffing for the horn and done!

I have been told this is his ‘gaming hat’ which he wears when playing his XBox.

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