The shoe fits!

We finally got to present little DJ with his booties after flying up to the Gold Cost just to see him. I think he looks rather fetching in them, don’t you? They’ve still got plenty of room in them for his tiny feet to grow and I’m just glad they fit! He is such a happy, cute boy.

Tiny Night Beings

I moved back into my apartment last night. This was a big deal as it’s a sign of my growing independence since my visit to hospital in the beginning of December. I forgot the comfort of truly being home. And I forgot about all the other inhabitants who reside with me. I wonder what they got up to while I was gone all this time. Here is a peek into their world:

** 30-05-2010 My spunky friend Gem has written some beautiful stories to go along with the photos. I have included them underneath each. Thanks Gem! <3

We listened to the secrets of your apartment while you were gone. They are not major secrets – just small things. The smells your carpet preferred. What the light is like at crepuscular dawn.

Some of us smoothed our hands over textures we were too shy to experience when you were here. I trace my finger along the design of your porcelain.

I dreamt of the perfect hoot, and what it could sound like. And who would stroke my down.

Meanwhile, the superhero think tank thought and thought. With frowns of concentration.

Shh! The jewelled owl hears all!

Superman really dreams of being a lion, and lounging in yellow savannah. Even superheroes have aspirations. I close my eyes for my own.

The Fitzroy Market

There’s a new market coming to town which is always good news. Currently in Fitzroy the colourful Rose St Artist Market is alive and well. Another will be running once a month in the vibrant suburb and the stalls are available to book now!

“The market (at Fitzroy Primary School) will consist of 20 car boot stalls, 21 standard stalls, 4 food stalls, a kids craft area and a fresh fruit and vegetable stall.”

Check out the website for more details and to fill out a stall booking form if you’d like to sell your wares.

Cherry Blossom Girl

Everyone has their favourite blogs, whether they visit them every day or add them to their news readers. For me, The Cherry Blossom Girl is one of them. A light, almost fairy tale feel to it, the French born young lady posts beautiful outfits she assembles from her wardrobe. And it’s rather addictive. So much so that one of her pictures sent me down the track of buying the jacket she was wearing just because I *had* to have it. Oh, the power of the Internet and the frivolity of having plastic money to spend on online stores.

The Cherry Blossom’s bedroom is also part of the fairy tale. The picture gallery is here, but here are two of my favourites:

I love the pink illustration edging on the wall. And her little trinkets and snips of inspiration she surrounds herself with.

I think we all make fantasy worlds for ourselves to be safe and comfortable in. It’s fascinating for others to explore them.

I think we should all have visitors more often too.

SuperTed Costume Tutorial

I was invited to a costume party on New Year’s Eve and I decided to go as SuperTed. I made the costume up myself with my trusty sewing machine.

I originally Googled for some form of SuperTed costume tutorial, but didn’t find any. I thought that I could share my methods in case anyone wants to create the same thing. It was fun to make, and I think I’m still going to wear the ears and the t-shirt around (but not at the same time :P).

I didn’t take photos as I was making it, so I’ve cobbled together some illustrations. Click the jump to see all of the steps :)

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