Long due return

Due to end of year stress (two jobs tend to dump too much on my plate) Owl Posse blog hasn’t seen any updates lately. I’ve also had some medical stuff to work through for the entire month of December.  But I’m back hooray! And so is Owl Posse. Keep your eyes peeled for some fun posts to come :)

Owly goodness

A lovely surprise! My mum bought this adorable owl egg cup for me while overseas. The head doubles as a pepper shaker :) Will add to my growing collection of all things owl related…


Spring Weather in Melbourne

Melbourne’s spring is hardly consistent, and the sun peeking through clouds is a rare treat.

Our cat Keyboard is a timid one, but I managed to snap her frollicking in the sun on the patio. Even she knows to make the most of today’s weather before the storm arrives!

Isn't she pretty?

Isn't she pretty?

First Prototype

I put together a quick prototype using materials I had lying around the house. The blue is so bright! I’m on the prowl for some nice red, green and magenta felt to back the others with. I’m pleased with how this one came together, and quickly too.



Craft Expo

I trundled along to the Craft Expo on today at the old Exhibition Centre. It was mainly full of old ladies chasing beads, scrapbooking and quilting supplies. I was disappointed to see that there was not a hugely contemporary craft existence, but the website seemed to convey that before I attended anyway. There were no soft circuit people so I couldn’t get any conductive thread, which was a let down. I’m fairly sure the Stitches and Craft Show is a lot more modern, I just keep missing it when it’s on!

Regardless I walked away with some great ideas and a few goodies:

Freezer paper, lock charms, brooch findings and some awesome trim (check out the giant rick rack!)

Freezer paper, lock charms, brooch findings and some awesome trim (check out the giant rick rack!)


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