Sneak Peak

My brooches came in the mail today, all the way from New Zealand (well, it’s not actually that far at all is it). Here is a peek at how the test run went. I think they came out beautifully so I can now send off all of the other designs and get them processed and ready to go! Some further assembly is obviously needed to create brooches out of them. I’m currently hunting for some pretty felt colours to back them with.

They look so fab all strewn across my desk:

I think the apple is my favourite so far :)

I think the apple is my favourite so far :)

Happy feet

Picked up some rather playful socks on the weekend, just thought I’d spread the cheer! They’re from the fantastic sock shop in Melbourne Central, down where the pet shop and SpecSavers is.

Tuxedo socks :)

Tuxedo socks :)

Sneaker socks

Sneaker socks

I love them! The tuxedo ones are going to fit in well with a certain product I’ll hopefully be selling soon… ;)

It's Rick Roll time!

It was my handsome partner’s birthday yesterday, and I decided to plant a little surprise for him after dinner. He always works out when I’m up to something, but this time I planted lots of diversions, trickery and red herrings. You can see why I needed it to be a *complete* surprise (after all, you never know when you’re gonna be rick roll’d):


Also thanks to Dave at Provenance for going along with the joke, he did some smashing acting too :)


The generous ladies at Ink and Spindle let me dig through their scraps bag at their open day this arvo. I was thrilled with what I got to take home! My partner’s sister is having a baby in November, so I decided to make her some baby booties from the fabric.

I think they came up really well, what do you think? :)


Thanks again to Teegs, Lara and Bianca! x

Lui Hon

Lui Hon

Photo Credit: Christopher Tovo (photographer), from

Australian designer, Lui Hon, is one to sit up and take notice of.  An expert in drape and flow, his designs flatter the human form like no other. I really like his idea of how a woman’s style should “speak a quiet symphony”. I first became aware of him when following the first season of Project Runway, and was disappointed that he didn’t make it to the final three contestants (allowing him to create a whole collection for us to see). So it’s lovely that he’s now launched his website (by oneartisan) featuring his work and where to buy.

If you’d like to see more (or track down a stockist near you), visit

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