Red Rock hiking

It was such great weather today, so we decided to take a small hike at Red Rock. It is breathtakingly beautiful, with a scenic drive and a range of hiking tracks catering for different skill levels and distances. We will definitely be returning regularly for further hikes and picnics! Just gorgeous. It’s only a 20 minute drive from our house which is really convenient and low effort.

Here are some pics from the day, I’ll be uploading higher resolution versions onto Flickr soon as the small size doesn’t do them justice here!

And a short video!

Spring time in Nevada

The bees love our garden, I couldn’t help but risk being stung for this shot!

Such amazing colours

We will have grapes soon!

Home Sweet Home


We had a stroke of luck and have found a place to live already. It is a lovely three bedroom in the suburbs with a nice backyard! We love it so much. We picked up a rental car and moved in on Saturday.

We’ve been busy little bees, I’ve managed to clock up over an hour on the roads already (driving in Las Vegas is scary!) and we’re slowly setting up the basics in the house.

Some photos:











We have some supermarkets close by, and there are a few ‘homemaker centres’ within a ten minute drive which is really handy at the moment!

Now to unpack…


greetings from Las Vegas

What a week! After a three flight journey over 24 hours, it was lovely to see a familiar face and a cuddle from L. Aside from the inevitable jet lag, we’re hitting the town and getting ready to move into our new place. Currently we’re staying at a very beautiful hotel (The Cosmopolitan) while we get everything sorted. It’s very contemporary, and the abundant art they have around the place is so fantastic!

Just a quick update and some photos :)

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Goodbye, my darling Melbourne



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