New Year, New Adventures

Things have been quiet on the Owl Posse blog front, with reason! This year has already brought about a lot of change, with more to come.

The first change is moving (I know right, again), but with a difference. I’ve spent the last few weeks moving in with my lovely partner L. We’ve been together over two years so we figured it’s time. Although it’s been a scary shift (I’m very used to living by myself) it’s been a really positive one for both of us. I can’t wait to get properly settled in and sharing some photos of my new studio in the loft bedroom space! L has been generous and helped me spread out a bit here so I can continue with the exciting Owl Posse stuff.

With such change comes the act of accepting and welcoming more of it in my life. I am keen to start walking/exercising much more than I could squeeze in last year. I used to be really fit and I know I’m pretty out of shape now. I love nightly walks when it’s quiet.

There are much more exciting things in the works that I can’t reveal just yet, but very much looking forward to this year and the opportunities it’s going to bring.

I leave you with a snap of Happy, who is delighted at my couch being temporarily kept here (sideways, like a jungle gym!) before I give it to a friend. He thinks he is the king of the house at the moment, looking down on us humans…

Fun with lenses!

I stumbled across the awesome Photojojo website (this is not a paid ad, I promise) last month and basically wanted to buy *everything* they had in their store. So much cool photography related stuff! I eventually settled on a set of fish eye and macro/wide angle lenses for my phone. I have an iPhone 4, however these lenses do not discriminate and would fit most phones with a camera. That said, some phones which have a built in sliding lens cover may not work. You just stick the included metal ring to your phone so that it surrounds your little camera lens. The macro/fisheye lens just clicks straight on magnetically and away you go!

Here is what they look like:

And how they attach to your phone:

A couple of shots taken with the macro:

The little drops of sap in the photo above can barely be seen with the naked eye!

A shot taken with the fish eye (my apartment):

I haven’t tried a shot with the wide angle lens just yet. I can’t wait to have more of a go with all of them when out and about.

I must also mention that the great folks at Photojojo included this little plastic dino below for free in the order, as “I x rawwrrr” on the invoice. Hee!

Stainless steel gear ring print

The stainless steel gear ring test print was delivered to me yesterday. I love the texture, and the character/slight imperfections in the material. It feels very solid and has a nice weight to it. I’ll definitely be using this material for many things in the first Owl Posse collection.

Young Husband folks

My day job involves working in an old wool store building (we have office space in there) alongside a group of uber talented and creative people. It’s unbelievable the kinds of things everyone comes up with in here. We have such a variety of professions, from archeologists going on week long ‘digs’, to screen printers, graphic designers, photographers, dancers and industrial designers. The list goes on! We all have our own dedicated spaces so more often than not we tend to hole ourselves up and don’t get much of a chance to socialise.

We had our second building Christmas party on Friday night for all the ‘Young Husbands’ to get together and chew the fat over some beer/cider. It’s so wonderful to catch up and find out what everyone’s been working on! It’s a good source of inspiration and I finally got to know some of our new neighbours.

A couple of my favourite shots from the night:



An early prototype

I had a bit of a surprise in the mail today! The alumide (aluminum and plastic hybrid) prototype of my gear ring design arrived. It’s 3D printed from the awesome crew at Shapeways. This is an early prototype, made specifically to test that the gear could be printed to spin with enough room at small detail. Knowing that it works, I can now complete the final design which will involve adding more detail, sizing it down, and changing the general shape of it a bit. I imagine it will look quite different the next time I order another test. The final will be printed in stainless steel.

This is what my mesh looked like before I ordered a print of it (I model in Blender):

And the (slightly upscaled) 3D printed alumide version:

I also put together a quick and dirty video to show the gear working:

Gear Ring Prototype Mk 1 from Owl Posse on Vimeo.

I’m so happy with the results so far. Can’t wait to see the next version in my hands!

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